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The Braidense Library bibliographic heritage consists, nowadays, in 1,500,000 units, of which 2,367 manuscripts, 40,000 autographs, 2,368 incunabula, 24,401 books from the sixteenth century, more than 23,000 journals of which 4,500 still existing, 5,200 photos anterior to the 1950s as well as 50,000 negatives on photographic plates, 30,000 microfilm reels reproducing 1,300 headlines from periodics, 120,000 microforms.
Engravings, graphics and photos
Fondo Manzoniano
Ricordi Historical Archives


The library has four reading rooms, three of which are special rooms, one room for distribution, loans, copies and catalogues, and an Entrance Hall which can be reached by the Grand Staircase.
These rooms can be loaned for events (book showcases, meetings, lectures, promotional events...).
Entrance Hall
Maria Teresa Hall
Catalogues Room
Reading Room (Sala Teologica)
Open Shelve Room
Manuscripts Reading Room (Sala Manzoniana)
Microfilm Reading Room (Sala Decentrata)
Grand Staircase

Data Banks

At the library it is possible to examine some judicial, historical and literary data banks.
The Information Service can assist the researchers in the direct usage of these computerized resources.
It is possible to receive the records of a research session by email, by prior arranging with the Information Service.
Data banks in the local network

Digital Library

In the last years the library has started digitalizing its resources and now can offer, on the world wide web, a wide set of newspapers and journals of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, focusing on the history of Lombardia and Italy: the Emeroteca digitale.
Recently the library has given access to the Raccolta Drammatica, a collection of about 9,500 dramatic operas, and to a selection of nineteenth century italian novels.
Emeroteca digitale
Raccolta drammatica
Digitised monographs
Online texts (project Scaffale aperto)
Photo archive Sommariva