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The Library organises exhibitions, lectures, meetings and book presentations, often co-operating with other institutional partners, public and private.

In the last twenty years we have promoted many important events, collaborating with the Universities of Milan, the Arnoldo And Alberto Mondadori Foundation (with exhibits about Rosa and Ballo, Palazzeschi, Angoletta, and Trilussa), the publishing industry in Milan and countless other partners

The library also host cultural events promoted by private institutions, but only if they are in line with the library's principles.

For further information and detail, please see Loan of spaces.

As for the "Code for Cultural and Landscape Heritage", the library can concede its spaces for promotional events, showcases and as a set for photo sessions or movie shootings

Do You Know The Library?

To arouse people's interest about the library, during the year 2008 the library set up a series of meetings called Conoscete la Braidense?.
Aimed to inform everyone about the story, the vastness of the resources and even some curiosities about the library, the meetings are intended also for those students eager to know more about the information media offered by the library and The Santa Teresa Mediatheque

News and notices

Apertura del servizio di prestito locale e interbibliotecario

Da lunedì 23 novembre riapre il servizio del prestito locale e del prestito interbibliotecario da remoto in ottemperanza alla circolare 26 del 13/11/2020 della Direzione Generale Biblioteche e Istituti Culturali, nelle giornate di lunedì, martedì, mercoledì e giovedì dalle ore 9,30 alle ore 13,30.
Il servizio è garantito esclusivamente ai lettori iscritti alla biblioteca, non sarà possibile prevedere nuove iscrizioni, l’ufficio accoglienza rimarrà chiuso fino al 3 dicembre 2020.