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Bookings by phone

Addressing to the Information Service it is possible to book by phone every journal sheltered in our off-site deposit in Cavallerizza, marked:
  Journals: PER.
  Bibliographic journals: PER.BIBL.

A maximum number of two books at a time, for a maximum of four books, can be requested.
The service phone number is: 02 86460907 int. 533 or else, select number 2 in the recorded welcome menu.

The requests are carried out on Tuesdays and Thursday, after 14:00 o'clock.

It is not possible to book in advance the titles to be read inside the library or to be taken on loan, nor to ask copies of publications sheltered in the library.


Servizio riproduzioni

A causa di un guasto tecnico, lo scanner per le riproduzioni č fuori servizio dal giorno 29-Maggio.
Siamo in attesa della riparazione, pertanto tutte le richieste dovranno essere messe in attesa di lavorazione.
Ci scusiamo per il disagio