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Braidense in Digitale

BiD - Braidense in Digitale

Like other libraries of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, the Braidense National Library has been one of the first in Italy to produce digital collections of its historical heritage, with the aim of improving the dissemination and the valorisation of its collections, as well as preserving them from the wearing effect of use, since what now may be called the digital proto-history.

In order to highlight and focus the extraordinary digital heritage of the library, it has been collected under the heading "BiD - Braidense in Digitale", so to present the virtual library, active since a long time and in constant expansion, having abundantly got past the phase of the project.

BiD - Emeroteca digitale
1.500.000 pages of about 900 digitised periodicals and journals of the library and other institutes, searchable by heading, title of the article or fascicle.
BiD - Raccolta drammatica
500.000 images of theatrical and music librettos of the 16th-19th Century, searchable through a dedicated interface or through the General catalogue of the library.
BiD - Monografie digitalizzate
100.000 pages of more than 330 titles of Lombard publications, of books of graphical subject, of Manzoni's autographs, of historical sources, searchable by author, title, etc..
BiD - Testi in linea
Progetto Scaffale aperto: about 40 texts in dialect or of local interest, transcribed in text form.
BiD - Legature
A gallery of 113 images of the most precious historical bindings of Braidense volumes, from the 15th to the 17th Century.
BiD - Fondo fotografico Sommariva
14.930 photographs by Emilio Sommariva: portraits, landscapes and reproductions of artworks, from 1904 to 1973, searchable through a dedicated interface by LombardiaBeniCulturali.
BiD - Catalogo nazionale dei manoscritti musicali
The national catalogue of music manuscripts to 1900 preserved in Italian public, private or church libraries: 162.000 digitised titlecards, searchable by author, title, form, medium of perfomance and more.
BiD - L'Ottocento
About 325.000 images of 5.000 novels and literary works of the Italian Ottocento, mentioned in the General catalogue and readable in the local network.