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Do You Know The Library?

Guided Tours Program

The National Braidense Library, aiming to encourage and diffuse the acquaintance with the insitute, organises lessons open to everyone eager to know its history, its collections, and curiosities.

The lessons are also aimed to those students who want to improve their knowledge of the the bibliographic and interactive information media.

All the lessons are for free and last about an hour and half.

For information about room disponibility, booking and other details, please contact:

To be kept updated with our future events and news, please email b-brai.eventibeniculturali.it - entering the subject, MAILING LIST - and you will be immediately included in our mailing list.

Servizio Attività culturali
Email: b-brai.eventibeniculturali.it
Phone: 0286460907 int. 545 / 536