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In 1994, the scholar and bibliophile Federico Macchi took a survey of the old, decorative bookbindings housed at the Milan-based Brera Library. With the assistance of a few members of the Library's staff (Special thanks go to Mr Aldo Coletto), Mr Macchi reported on about 3,000 bindings of interest and wrote a detailed description of them. An initial batch of bindings with prototype index cards were converted into digital form in colour, as part of a module of the project, DI.RE. (DI.gital RE.covery) carried out by Mr Guido Mura. The images and the texts processed were recorded on CD-R. Some time later, a remarkable selection of bindings from the 15th and 16th centuries were chosen for an exhibition to be staged at the Brera Library. The event, entitled "The Art of Binding Books Through the 15th and 16th Centuries", was scheduled from April 18th through June 22, 2002. To view the web version of the exhibition, please click on the icons below representing the sections into which the virtual exhibition unfolds.
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15th-century Bookbindings
16th-century Italian Bookbindings - 1
16th-c. - Italy (1)
16th-century Italian Bookbindings - 2
16th-c. - Italy (2)
16th-century French Bookbindings
16th-c. - France
16th-century French Bookbindings
16th-c. - Germany
16th-century Spanish Bookbindings
16th-c. - Spain
Various Bookbindings
Various bindings
Bibliotheca colbertina
Bibliotheca colbertina
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